Benefits Communication – Cutting Through the Clutter

20 Jun Benefits Communication – Cutting Through the Clutter

In today’s world it can be tough to be heard. We’ve all had the experience of employees nodding off during an important staff meeting or neglecting to read a significant update.

Here are some of the ways that we have found it helpful to cut through the clutter and keep plan members engaged:

Simplify: Handing or emailing employees a 65-page benefit summary typically means that the information will be tucked in a metaphorical drawer and never referenced.

Benefits summaries should be short, available in both paper format and electronically.

Brand to You: Making benefits feel like your own can be as simple as branding benefits communication with your logo and company colors. Studies show that employees feel more engaged when benefits information looks like it is coming from your organization.

Put it in Perspective: Making sure that benefits updates and information mean something can be as simple as reframing employees’ action items in a way that highlights the reason for doing so – not just the action itself. For example, “Take Care of Those You Care About Most” has more impact than “Update Your Beneficiary.”

Play a Game: Since introducing an interactive trivia game in our benefits refresher sessions, we’ve found that employees are experiencing increased engagement with their benefits plans. Adding a hint of competition can mean that employees are incented to remember details of their plan – and retain that information for when they need it!

Please reach out if you would like assistance communicating your benefits plan. We would love to hear from you.