15 Dec Update on 2017 RRSP, EI, CPP & OAS Limits

Contribution limits The 2017 RRSP dollar limit has increased to $26,010 Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP) – $13,115 Tax-Free Saving Account – $5,500 CPP/QPP Maximum pensionable earnings increased to $55,300 from $54,900 in 2016. The employee and employer rates for 2017 will remain unchanged at 4.95%, and...

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12 Oct Insurance Jargon, Decoded: Grandfathering

In a previous post, we described how non-evidence maximums impact plan members. Well, imagine an employee who applies for additional life, long-term disability insurance by answering medical questions. That employee is approved, and now enjoys that additional protection. Now imagine that the benefit plan moves to a...

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12 Oct Understanding Benchmarking

“What’s the typical benefit plan? What do most people offer?” This is a common question as we work with clients who have either never offered benefits or who are undertaking a benefits review. The answer is not easily come by. A typical benefit plan differs considerably...

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