15 Dec ‘Tis The Season To Be Stressed

Employee and Family Assistance Programs often see significant increases in access to services early in the New Year, after the holiday season ends, work routines resume, and holiday bills start to catch up. We wanted to focus on some of the tools available to build...

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15 Dec Update on 2017 RRSP, EI, CPP & OAS Limits

Contribution limits The 2017 RRSP dollar limit has increased to $26,010 Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP) – $13,115 Tax-Free Saving Account – $5,500 CPP/QPP Maximum pensionable earnings increased to $55,300 from $54,900 in 2016. The employee and employer rates for 2017 will remain unchanged at 4.95%, and...

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14 Nov Insurance Jargon, Decoded: MIB

A client laughed recently when I brought up the MIB while completing his insurance application. No, there is no secret agency comprised of Men in Black hunting aliens. The Medical Insurance Bureau is a not-for-profit information exchange comprised of life insurance companies. The information that is...

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