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HSAs, or Private Health Spending Plans (PHSPs), offer incorporated business owners or self-employed individuals a tax-effective way to pay for medical, dental and vision expenses. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) lists a wide range of products and services which are eligible under these arrangements. The CRA requires that your HSA be administrated by a third party.

Ridiculously Simple

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Step 1: Pay for medical, dental and vision expenses using your personal account or credit card.
Step 2: Take a picture of your receipt and record a few details about your claim.
Step 3: Your claim is reimbursed between 3 – 5 business days via EFT.

Seriously Tax-Effective

No annual fee, no set-up fee and:

  • Your eligible medical, dental and vision expenses become a 100% deduction for your company
  • You or your employees receive a tax-free reimbursement

All for a competitive 10% administration fee per paid claim.

The kids need braces? You or your partner want laser eye surgery?

Most traditional benefits plans don’t cover these types of claims. myHSA does.

Who qualifies for a Health Spending Account?

  • Incorporated Business Owners: For large and small businesses (as small as one person), HSAs are an extremely tax-effective way for business owners to pay for their own CRA-approved health and dental expenses.
  • Self-Employed Individuals: Self-employed individuals can also benefit from an HSA, although limits are lower and plans must include an insurance component.
  • Employers: Employers who feel comfortable with changes in monthly cash flow may also wish to use an HSA to top-up or enhance their employee benefits program.This includes:
    • Employers who can’t obtain group coverage due to industry
    • Employers who want to offer employees flexibility to pay for expenses that are infrequently used or are too costly to insure such as orthodontics or vision.
    • Employers who want a defined contribution plan

Can’t obtain group benefits coverage for your employees
due to industry or company size?

Traditional benefits plans may not cover your employees. myHSA does.

If you never use it – it costs you nothing.

You can also us it to top-up your existing benefits plan.
Then you have the option to use it for medical, dental
and vision expenses that your plan may not cover.

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