New Dental Fee Guide for Alberta

14 Nov New Dental Fee Guide for Alberta

You may have heard that the Alberta Dental Association and College (ADAC) recently released its first new Dental Fee Guide since 1997. The ADAC fee guide and details can be found here: Alberta Dental Association and College Dental Fee Guide

How will this affect benefit plans?

This fee guide will help insurers to determine reimbursement limits for dental procedures and should help reduce dental inflation in Alberta, which has outpaced the dental fee increases in other provinces.

However, even with the development of this fee guide, Alberta’s Ministry of Health has indicated that dentists Alberta are charging considerably more than in other regions. Also, with this change dentists are still able to use their own discretion on what to charge their patients.

Tips for plan members while at the dentist

Plan members may notice out-of-pocket expenses depending if a dentist implements the new ADAC fee guide and individuals should ask their dentists if they have questions about their fees.

Other questions you might ask your dentist:

  • Provide an estimate or pre-determination before proceeding with treatment
  • Why are they recommending the treatment options presented—what is/are the benefit/s to your oral/overall health?
  • Are there alternative treatment options available?
  • What are the implications of refusing or delaying treatment?
  • Is there anything you can change in your mouth care to prevent similar issues in the future?
  • What is required on my part to maintain the dental treatment recommended?