Travel Coverage for Family Getaways

06 Oct Travel Coverage for Family Getaways

Increasingly, baby boomers are considering multi-generational vacations. When planning your next family vacation, here are a few important tips relating to travel coverage:

  • Check your existing policies to make sure who is covered. The definition of “family” can vary between insurers.
  • Are there discounts available if purchasing a family plan?
  • Should you consider a single trip or multi-trip annual plan?
  • Will my kids be covered if they are travelling without parents?
  • What is the stability clause on my policy?

We have teamed up with one of Canada’s leading travel insurers to offer travel coverage to individuals, families and extended families.

Would you like to learn more about affordable travel insurance that includes a 7-day stability period for individuals under 60 years old? For quotes and to purchase online, visit